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Mentor for a Minute

Exclusive to Wnet Members!

Getting ready to interview for a new position? Preparing to ask for a raise or promotion? Need some advice about a difficult situation with a co-worker or boss? Don’t want the commitment associated with a long-term mentoring relationship?

Find a Mentor

Mentor for a Minute is an exclusive program that provides you with access to a private group of Wnet members who are offering their experience and insights to help you navigate a challenge or opportunity. You can select a mentor for a one-time, one-to-one, confidential mentoring session with no long-term commitment.

Search for a mentor and reach out to them via the contact information in their profile to set up a mentoring session. Once you hold a mentoring session, let us know how it went by filling out this brief survey!


You can also get help from a member of the Mentoring Committee to find your mentor.


Become a Mentor

As you know, Wnet’s membership has more than doubled in the last 12 months, which means there are more opportunities for YOU to empower other women through the Mentor for a Minute program!

It all happens in just one conversation.

Your experience and wisdom can make a life-changing difference in how another woman navigates a career opportunity or challenge with just a few moments of your time.

Be part of powerful positive change. Share your strength. Empower others.

You don’t have to be a senior executive or have a specific number of years of experience to be a mentor.

Pay it forward. Move forward. Start mentoring today!

You can become mentor today – just indicate your interest and specify your mentoring topics by updating your Member Profile.


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Mentoring Topics



o Career planning

o Job change guidance/transition

o Considering change in responsibility, scope or retirement

o Positioning yourself for opportunity



o Guidance working through a conflict

o Difficult situation with manager, leader or team member

o Navigating through tough situations

o Handle difficult conversations


o Effective communication

o Communicating with difficult people

o Public speaking


o Guidance on removing barriers

o Unconscious bias


o Starting own business


o Guidance managing different generations

o Learning from another generation (technology, or perspectives)



o Gaining Influence/ developing buy-in

o How to get your voice heard

o How to be more strategic

o Leadership without authority


o Delivering feedback

o Coaching strategies

o First time manager/transitioning from peer to manager

o Understanding/leading others

o Managing up

o Women in leadership roles - how they got there

o What it's like at the top


o Offer consideration/negotiation

o Negotiate for a win/win outcome


o Building your business network

o Leveraging social media


o Informational meeting to learn about a function/role

o Brainstorm on a topic (should not be competitive related)


o Working through a set-back

o Working through a performance issue

o Guidance on performance development plan


o Managing stress

o Building your professional brand

o Emotional Intelligence

o Time Management & Work life balance

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the Mentor for a Minute program?
    Mentor for a Minute is an exclusive program that provides you with access to a private group of Wnet members offering their experience and insights to help you navigate a challenge or opportunity.

  2. Who is the Mentor for a Minute Program for?
    All active Wnet members can take advantage of and benefit from the Mentor for a Minute program .

  3. How does the Mentor for a Minute program work?
    Members who have a specific question and/or would like advice or guidance (i.e., a Mentee) can search the Mentor for a Minute Directory for a mentor that suits their needs. Once a mentee selects a mentor, the mentee should reach out to the mentor via the options available in the mentor’s profile (e.g., email, messaging, etc.) to determine the best date/time and method to connect.

  4. What if I need help finding a mentor?
    If you have exceptional circumstances or just need assistance finding a suitable mentor, the Wnet Mentorship Committee can help match you to suitable mentor – just fill out the Mentor Match form and someone from the Mentor Committee will find a mentor for you!

  5. If I ask the Mentor Committee for help finding a mentor, how long does it take to get matched?
    Once you have submitted the Mentor Match form, you can usually expect a response from Wnet within 24-48 hours, depending on the urgency noted on your form.

  6. Are mentees expected to meet with their mentors in person?
    Wnet members are located throughout North America so there it will not always be possible to meet in person.

  7. How do mentees and mentors connect?
    Mentees and mentors will generally connect via email, phone, video or in person, where possible.

  8. What happens after I connect with a mentor?
    Generally, only one session with a mentor is necessary; however, you and your mentor may agree to meet again based on your situation and both of your availability.

  9. Why would a member want a Mentor for a Minute?
    Getting ready to interview for a new position, preparing to ask for a raise or promotion, and a difficult situation with a co-worker or boss, are examples of situations that may prompt a member to reach out to a mentor for advice/coaching.

    Other topics could include: diversity, entrepreneurship, negotiation skills, networking, and self-development. You can access the full list of common mentoring topics here.

  10. How is Mentor for a Minute different from a traditional mentoring relationship?
    A traditional mentoring relationship is generally expected to last for a pre-determined period of time (e.g., 6-12 months) with certain requirements for how often to meet and the topics discussed. Mentor for a Minute has no long-term commitment – you simply reach out to a mentor when you have a question or need some advice or coaching.

    In a traditional mentoring relationship, you’re usually matched with a mentor by a person who does not know you personally. Mentor for a Minute allows you to select a mentor for your situation – and you can select a different mentor each time you have a new situation that requires advice or coaching!

  11. Are the mentoring sessions confidential?
    Yes! Your session with your mentor are completely confidential – they’re between you and your mentor only.

  12. How do I become a mentor?
    All you have to do to become a mentor is log into Wnet and update your Member Profile to join the Mentor for a Minute directory – just indicate your interest and specify your specific areas of expertise.

  13. Who can become a mentor?
    All Wnet members, regardless of your background or number of years of experience, can become a mentor and share their insights with other women!

  14. How can I get removed from the Mentor for a Minute directory?
    To be removed from the Mentor Directory, log into your Wnet Member Profile and opt out of the Mentor for a Minute directory. If at any time you change your mind and would like to be added back to the Mentor directory, you can opt back in the same way you did initially!

  15. I’m going on vacation for a few weeks and won’t be able to respond to requests for mentorship while I’m away – what should I do?
    Before you go on vacation, log into your Wnet Member Profile and opt out of the Mentor for a Minute directory to remove yourself from mentor search results while you’re away. When you return from vacation, opt back into the Mentor for a Minute directory through your Member Profile – it’s that simple!

  16. Will Wnet offer a traditional mentoring program in the future?
    We’ll never say never! Although we’re currently focused on expanding the Mentor for a Minute program, we may decide to offer a formal mentoring program in the future if our members ask for it!